About Us

The name, "JACS" represents the first initials of it's four Partners:  

Jeff La Joie, Ashley La Joie, Chris La Joie and Stacy La Joie.

Founded with the Secretary of State as a General Partnership in August 2015, the Partners of JACS brought decades of individual experience and knowledge together following a change in ownership of our previous family landscaping business, Next to Nature Landscape, established in 1989.

With experience in the weed abatement and pest management industry, JACS received their State Business License through the Department of Pesticide Regulations in February 2016 and is currently qualified to provide Industrial, Commercial and Residential Landscape Maintenance, Aquatics and Right-of-Way services.

Our office is located at 2600 L Street in Bakersfield, California.  
Please stop by or give us a call today!

JACS Landscape Maintenance

2600 L Street

Bakersfield, California 93301