Thanksgiving Front Porch Spruce Up!

It's the weekend before Thanksgiving!  Time to put the final grocery list together, gather invitation confirmations, bring out the china, platters and candy dishes, decorate the front porch and prepare for the arrival of our loved ones as we celebrate our Thankfulness to God for the many blessings in our lives.

(And, Black Friday...  We're all scoping out the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals)

But let's be honest, shall we?  The last task on most of our list-of-things-to-do is going to be decorating the front porch with more than a wreath hung on the front door.  We've got relatives coming from near and far, kids coming home from college, special school activities, office parties, going on a hunt for that one recipe from last year that everyone claimed they loved, a guest room that needs a good dusting, et cetera...

So, here's a few ideas I've gathered, via Pinterest, for quickly sprucing up your front porch without going into the red on your budget.

1.)  Gather available branches, pinecones, acorns, colored leaves and plants.  Just make sure nothing you gather is listed as endangered.

2.)  Use pumpkins, left over from Halloween, to make colorful front porch planters.  Head over to your local Home Depot or Lowe's for inexpensive plants.

3.)  Simply set a pumpkin into an existing planter.

4.)  This takes a little more gathering time but is still a very simple way to spruce up your front porch or outdoor seating area.

5.)  A little burlap and twine can turn any plant into a nice Fall decoration.  Or, use a brown paper grocery sack, turned inside out.

6.)  For those who gathered a little more than they needed, purchased a little more than they originally thought they would at the local Home Depot or Lowe's and discovered this great ladder, wicker basket and lantern while looking in their shed for those tera cotta pots: this is a great idea for sprucing up your front porch!

Whatever you do, just have fun and enjoy!

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