Vertical Gardens!

In today's world of brick & mortar, a Vertical Garden system is an excellent way to bring more of the outdoors into our personal living space!

By offering new, breathable life to modern structures, a Vertical Garden can be used to  cover boring wall surface areas and creating a more vibrant, breathable environment.

Plus, surrounding yourself with lush, healthy, green plants can create a sense of feeling more connected to nature.

The benefits of indoor plants is well documented: plants reduce carbon dioxide levels,
increase humidity, reduce levels of certain pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide, reduce airborne dust, and keep air temperatures down.

There are many vertical garden options to consider and depending on which system works best, most plants can remain in their pots or be directly planted into the vertical system.

Allowing plants to remain in their pots as they grow is a popular choice because of the following benefits:  it’s easier to replace plants for seasonal reasons such as Christmas, simple to re-arrange plants into different positions, and easy to replace troubled plants with minimal effort.

For more information about Vertical Garden Systems, check out

Live Wall


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