How to Grow Potatoes at Home!


Well who doesn't love fresh baked potatoes for dinner or country fried potatoes with their eggs and bacon in the morning?  If you've considered starting a garden at home this Spring, why not try setting aside a little space for potatoes!

Honestly, it's super easy and according to here's what you need to do:

Plant seed potatoes (pieces of whole potato or a small whole potato, with at least 2 eyes per piece) 0-2 weeks after last spring frost.
If you are cutting up potato pieces for planting, do so a 1-2 days ahead of time. This will give them the chance to form a protective layer, both for moisture retention and rot resistance.
You may start planting earlier, as soon as soil can be worked, but be aware that some crops will be ruined by a frost.
Spread and mix in rotted manure or organic compost in the bottom of the trench before planting.
Plant seed potatoes one foot apart in a 4-inch deep trench, eye side up.
Practice yearly crop rotation.

A little more advice…  It takes about 70 to 120 days until you're able to harvest your potatoes and it's best to grow your crop in it's own separate container to avoid conflict with non-companion crops.

There are several videos available on YouTube if you're not quite sure how to get started.  Our favorite videos are those that tell it to you straight although a number of the videos attempt to sell you some sort of planting system.  Our Grandparents were able to grow their own food without the help of, "planting systems" and you should be able to successfully grow food without spending very much of your hard earned money.

Please let us know how your harvest turned out!  Enjoy!!



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