Planting a Succulent Fountain


Just about everyone owns, or knows someone who owns, one of these concrete formed water fountains.  For some, the fountain still works wonderfully and adds a delightful ambiance to their over-all yard setting.  For others however, the pump went out years ago and the darn thing turned into a nagging conversation piece somewhere along the lines of, "It used to work.  Something's wrong with the pump but we're getting it fixed."

Let's just admit that the pump isn't getting fixed anytime soon.  Come on now...

But you can restore old glory to the area where your fountain took up residency by creating something new.  Say, a Succulent Fountain!

Creating a Succulent Fountain is easy.  All you need to do is get outside, clean the old fountain up a bit, gather or purchase some rocks, purchase some fresh soil and drought resistant succulents, then plant a Succulent Fountain.

Here's how:




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