Discovery of the Ultimate Shovel


Last week, while making our way through the hundreds of vendors at the Annual International Ag Show in Tulare, California we came across the Earth Talon: an incredible, newly designed shovel.

Yes, we were impressed.  Not only does this shovel look really cool but it also cuts through hard packed dirt as soon as the tip hit the ground.  And, no, the great folks representing this fine tool were not giving out free demos.  We just asked if it would be okay to try it out and they said, "Sure!"

The one tiny drawback, according to our personal preference, is that the handle is made of fiberglass which is okay as long as no one is 'Horsing" the thing back and forth in an attempt to haul up an old bush in three minutes flat.

Currently, this product is sold through the company's website and through Amazon although I believe we were told they are just getting into the Box Stores.

Please check this product out, you'll be glad you did!

For a short demo or full length commercial, check out this video on Youtube.">Earth Talon Tool Comparison.  Enjoy!!



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