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Primroses: The First Rose of Spring

Did you know that Primroses are one of the first flowers to bloom in Spring?  With very colorful petals surrounding a bright yellow center eye, the word Primrose literally mean, "first rose." According to Norse mythology, the primrose is the sacred flower of Freya, goddess of love. In rituals honoring Freya, worshippers would lay primrose…
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Discovery of the Ultimate Shovel

  Last week, while making our way through the hundreds of vendors at the Annual International Ag Show in Tulare, California we came across the Earth Talon: an incredible, newly designed shovel. Yes, we were impressed.  Not only does this shovel look really cool but it also cuts through hard packed dirt as soon as the tip…
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Guide to Early Spring Flower Bulbs

  The Joy of Spring is just around the corner and while you may not have had time to plant early Spring bulbs last year, has wonderful information to help you plan for a beautiful garden, filled with stunning color, this year.  Enjoy!    
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